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New Artwork: View From the Pier - Fort Foster

Fort Foster was one of the last of the “old forts” built in the Portsmouth area.  The land was acquired by the government in 1872 and buildings were constructed and utilized during both WWI and WWII with the intent on protecting Portsmouth Harbor.  Fort Foster was closed in 1948, and every remaining weapon was removed and scrapped. The federal government later transferred the area to the Town of Kittery for park purposes. The entire park presently encompasses 88 acres.

“I’ve been going to Fort Foster in Kittery Point since I was a baby; spending at least one summer day a year wading in the water and enjoying the company of my family during our (mostly) annual reunions. Lobster rolls, whoopie pies, crabbing off the pier, exploring the forts, hunting for sand dollars, and a fiercely competitive cribbage tournament – these are the memories of my family at Fort Foster.

When I was a kid, I seriously thought I might literally fall through the cracks of the pier, the boards felt so far apart. As an adult, that fear is gone, but the memory remains. Walking this massive wooden structure that extends prominently into the Piscataqua River,  one can gaze out to the Isles of Shoals or across the river to New Hampshire, watching sailboats glide by in the breeze, and listening to the sounds of sea birds on the lookout for their next meal.  Just off the pier, Wood Island Life Saving Station was once used as a base to save the lives of mariners in distress for more than a century. A little further in the distance sits Whaleback Light, marking the mouth of the Piscataqua River. With these lovely views and depth of history, Fort Foster truly holds a special place in my heart.”  

This piece is dedicated with love to the Losier family.

Prints are now available for purchase in my Etsy and Wix Shops!

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