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New Artwork - Mount Blue State Park

Mount Blue State Park – what a wonderful place! It’s Maine’s largest state park, consisting of roughly 8,000 acres of prime recreation area in the Western Mountains. My husband and I camped there for one night in early September, one of my favorite times of year in Maine when the air is warm during the day and crisp at night. The view of Mount Blue when we emerged from the wooded path connecting our campsite to the beach was stunning. A storm was blowing past the blue-hued mountain, creating a dramatic sky that reflected in Webb Lake. After stopping to wade in the chilly water and make a quick sketch of the scene, we ambled around the shoreline and found all sorts of neat places to picnic tucked away among the trees. I'm sure it's quite a busy place during the Summer months, but we were fortunate to have the place almost completely to ourselves that day. Although our trip was too short to hike Mount Blue, we’ll definitely go back to tackle it soon. I imagine the view from the top is quite stunning as well!

Here I am making a quick pencil sketch of Mount Blue from Webb Lake.

Mount Blue State Park prints are now available in my online shop!


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