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New Artwork - The Barn at Laudholm Farm

'Laudholm Farms', as it was once called, was the largest and most progressive saltwater farm in York County, maintaining its long-time place of prominence within the Town of Wells in the early 1900s. Milk, cream, butter, eggs, broilers, and roasting chickens were sold to locals and shipped weekly to Boston. Now on the National Register of Historic Places, the Laudholm Farm campus was preserved for a purpose. Today the Wells Reserve is a center for education, conservation, and research. Laudholm Trust remains a vital force, providing support for Wells Reserve programs, operations, and capital improvements (information from

“Laudholm Farm is one of my absolute favorite places to visit, as it lends itself to many activities throughout the year. I’ve walked, trail run, snowshoed and cross country skied the trails too many times to count. No matter which trail I choose, I always walk past the barn when I start, admiring this structure for what it lent itself to years ago. Exploring inside, you can still see the stalls where animals were housed and if you close your eyes, you can almost imagine the scent of hay, the sound of cows lowing and horses whinnying.”

Prints are now available in my Lehoux Art online shop and my Etsy shop.....a small amount of these prints will also be available at the Laudholm Farm gift shop when they open in a couple weeks!

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