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About Danielle Lehoux 


Danielle (Losier) Lehoux was born and raised in Cape Neddick, Maine. Her passion is creating graphic artwork similar to a block print style that is loosely inspired by the vintage “See America” posters of the National Parks. Being a native Mainer (8th generation), Danielle loves her home state and enjoys creating artwork that reflects the beauty of her surroundings. Her favorite subjects are birds and lighthouses. 

Danielle always loved to create art and spent many hours of her youth drawing with markers and pastels, shaping clay into pots, dabbling in printmaking, and painting. During college, she started exploring graphic design and found that working on a computer really spoke to her for many reasons. This medium quickly became her favorite way to create art. 

About the Process


Danielle uses a stylus as her “paintbrush” and her computer screen as her “canvas” as she creates her digital artwork.


She works in layers, usually starting with the foreground then moving backward, creating shapes that, when viewed together make up the entire finished piece.

Danielle's bird artwork is compiled of anywhere from 50-75 layers.  Her scenic artwork is much more detailed and can contain anywhere from 200-250 layers in one piece.

Here's a video of how Danielle created her Common Loon artwork. 


About Lehoux Art

Lehoux Art was established in 2015.


Based out of Wells, Maine, products can now be found in stores throughout Maine, in New Hampshire, Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

Lehoux Art offers three main lines of artwork: Maine, New Hampshire, and bird art.


Artwork is available both retail and wholesale as a variety of products, including prints, cards, magnets, coasters, vinyl stickers, and more.


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