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New Artwork - Yellow Warbler

Yellow warblers’ nests are frequently parasitized by the brown-headed cowbird. Upon recognizing one of cowbirds' eggs, yellow warblers will often smother it with a new layer of nesting material. They will usually not try to save any of their own eggs that have already been laid but produce a replacement clutch. They have been known to build as many as six tiers of nests in some cases! Sometimes, the parents desert a parasitized nest altogether and build a new one.

Read more about the Yellow Warbler here.

I fell in love with warblers during last year’s spring bird migration in southern Maine. There are so many different types ranging from the drab to the brightly colored. The yellow warbler certainly lives up to its name and I was lucky to spy these fast moving birds during a few birding adventures. I hope you enjoy my Yellow Warbler artwork inspired by my birding experience last spring.

Prints are now available in my online shop

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Bradley R
Bradley R
01 août 2022

Greatt read

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