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New Artwork - Marshall Point Light

Marshall Point Light is located in the quaint seaside town of Port Clyde, Maine, at the tip of the St. George peninsula. My family has spent many years vacationing in the area and it’s truly a special place in our hearts. I’ve visited Marshall Point Light many times, in various types of weather conditions, at low and high tides. This iconic light, which sits at the end of a short walkway, has even appeared in the movie, Forrest Gump!

I spent a good amount of time walking around the property and taking reference photos at different viewpoints until I found a vista that captured the essence of this lighthouse. This painting is as viewed from an outcropping of rocks showing the lighthouse and walkway as the ocean swirls around it with the incoming tide.

This piece is currently available in my new Lehoux Art online shop!

If you're out and about shopping on Plaid Friday or Small Business Saturday, you can also find it at The Shops at Cape Neddick, The Maine Collection, and A Little Something.

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