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New Artwork - Jordan Pond

Completing my latest piece - Jordan Pond - makes me want to visit Acadia National Park again soon. If you've never been, it's a must-see destination in one of the most beautiful places in the country.

Jordan Pond is a glacier formed tarn with a maximum water depth of 150 feet. The water is exceptionally clear with an average visibility depth of 46 feet, but this has been measured as high as 60 feet, the most ever recorded in the State of Maine. (information from

“My husband and I headed up to Acadia one June and found ourselves seated under an umbrella at the Jordan Pond House trying to escape the heat. The rare humid day at that time of year caused a lethargy that was rivaled only by our hunger, so we hunkered down snacking on a cheese plate, famous popovers and some cold beverages. The view of Jordan Pond with the Bubbles in the background was a beautiful backdrop to a relaxing day.

After our meal, we donned our backpacks and circumnavigated the Pond, stopping occasionally to gaze into the clear water, glimpsing bikers traverse the nearby carriage roads, and spotting a turtle or two. It was a fun adventure and I look forward to going back soon to hike the Bubbles and view Jordan Pond from above.”

Jordan Pond prints are now available in my online shop!

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