My one and only trip (so far) to West Quoddy Head Light resulted from a vacation way, way up the coast of Maine. My husband and I set out to camp at Cobscook Bay State Park which served as base camp for all sorts of adventures. Visiting West Quoddy Head had been on my bucket list ever since I first saw photos of the unique red and white striped tower and it certainly did not disappoint. The quaint seaside town of Lubec has much to offer, but this is perhaps its main attraction.

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The Palm Warbler - such a beautiful bird! They leave almost as quickly as they come, feeding in southern Maine for a couple of days before continuing their migration further north.

During migration and winter, Palm Warblers use weedy fields, forest edges, fence rows, and other areas with scattered trees and shrubs. They breed in the boreal forest of the far north, where they use bogs with scattered evergreen trees and thick ground cover.

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I finished another new piece last week! This one is special to me because it's inspired by a trip that my husband and I took to Belfast, Maine last fall. Our hotel was set on a hill overlooking part of Belfast Bay and every night we’d walk down to the water’s edge, quietly gazing at the boats rocking back and forth in the current as we watched the sun set behind the quaint waterfront town.

Prints available in my online shop

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