I don't know about you, but these cold Winter days leave me dreaming of Summer. The day we visited Quoddy Head State Park was magical with a cooling ocean breeze as we strolled along the rocky shoreline. The painting below is a good reminder that warmer days will come back again soon.

Did you know that you can virtually tour West Quoddy Head Light in Lubec, Maine? I recently stumbled upon the link and wanted to share it with you! https://pos.li/2ht33d

Did you know that Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse is the only caisson-style light station in the United States that visitors can walk to? Also knows as a sparkplug or bug light, a caisson lighthouse’s superstructure rests on a concrete or metal caisson. The Caisson design can better withstand harsh weather and are not as fragile as other types of lighthouse designs.

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I am not crafty enough to sew, so I found a third party company to create face masks using my artwork! These masks are soft, comfortable and fit snugly. There's also a slot within the mask layers that can accommodate a disposable mask to make it extra safe.

I've made three collections: Maine Lighthouse masks, Patterned masks, and Holiday masks.

Note, due to popularity, production can take up to three weeks at times.

Here are some examples from each collection:

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