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A Little Bit of Perkins Cove History

"Did you know that Charles Woodbury started the first art school in Perkins Cove? Or, that the site of Barnacle Billy’s Restaurant was once sold as a “useless hunk” of land to Ansel Hutchins, a fisherman who had missed out on the purchase of one of the original shares of land in the cove?"

The Cove has a lot of fun history tied to it both from an artist and fishing standpoint. The above referenced quote is from an older article I found in SeacoastOnline. Access the entire article here.

I grew up near Perkins Cove and always loved watching the lobster and sailboats flow in and out of the cove, the pungent odor of dead fish very much alive in the air. My work of Perkins Cove was one of the first ones I completed - it's much more detailed than my current work, but I still love the scene that reminds me how lucky I am to have grown up and still live in this beautiful area of coastal Maine.

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