I fell in love with warblers during last year’s spring bird migration. There are so many different types ranging from drab to the brightly colored that appear in Maine. The yellow warbler certainly lives up to its name.


Fun fact: Yellow warblers’ nests are frequently parasitized by the brown-headed cowbird. Upon recognizing one of cowbirds' eggs, yellow warblers will often smother it with a new layer of nesting material. They will usually not try to save any of their own eggs that have already been laid but produce a replacement clutch. They have been known to build as many as six tiers of nests in some cases! Sometimes, the parents desert a parasitized nest altogether and build a new one.


This graphic artwork is created in layers, painting blocks of color similar to a block print or silkscreen process. My bird artwork typically includes anywhere from 50-100 layers of flat shapes of color that are built one on top of the other to create a larger object within the piece.


Printed on high quality archival luster paper as ordered and shipped out from 1 to 3 business days. Free shipping in the USA.


This bird print comes in three sizes:


Small: 4.75x4.75 print comes matted (total size 8x8 with white mat) shipped in a rigid cardboard mailer.


Medium:  7.75x7.75 print comes matted (total size 12x12 with white mat) shipped in a rigid cardboard mailer.


Large:  12x12 print comes rolled in a rigid cardboard tube (total size 13x13 paper - NO MAT).


Frames shown are for illustrative purposes only and not available for purchase.


* I retain all copyrights to my artwork and it may not be reproduced or used commercially in any way. Buyers agree that my art is for private use only.

Yellow Warbler - Bird Art - Graphic Art Print


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