2.5" x 2.5" durable acrylic refrigerator magnets make a great memento and/or stocking stuffer! 


Choose one for $7.00.


Choose any three for $16.


Choose any 5 for $22.


Please specifiy which magnet(s) you would like based on the following ID's. 

01-American Goldfinch

02-Barred Owl

03-Black-capped Chickadee

04-Cedar Waxwing

05-Common Loon

06-Northern Cardinal

07-Eastern Bluebird

08-Great Blue Heron

09-House Finch

10-Piping Plover

11-Green Heron

12-Baltimore Oriole

13-American Robin

14-Herring Gull

15-Rose-breasted Grosbeak


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Acrylic Bird Magnets


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