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March Meet the Maker: Learning Curve

When I first started to create my graphic artwork, I frustratingly failed. Working in Photoshop (years before Procreate was ever a thing), I was only utilizing one layer and found it extremely difficult to achieve the look I wanted, so I gave up temporarily.

Fast forward a few years down the road to when my husband and I got married at Glacier National Park in Montana. While on our honeymoon, we stopped in at one of the tiny ranger station gift shops where I stumbled upon this book. The artist was creating work similar to what my style was, and he explained his process in the introduction. That simple paragraph was all I needed to learn how to approach my process differently. Now I work in layers (still in Photoshop) and my artwork consists of anywhere between 50 to 250 of them depending on the complexity of the piece. Working in layers gives me more options than traditional painting – for instance, I can hid certain layers while working on others or copy a layer and play around with the color without having to go back and redo it if I don’t like the result.

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