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March Meet the Maker

This year I've decided to participate in the #marchmeetthemaker challenge, where I’ll be showcasing my brand and the person behind it (me). Thanks, @joannehawker for creating this challenge to help showcase all the creatives in the world and giving me the boost I needed to get a little out of my comfort zone!

Day one - brand introduction:

About Danielle Lehoux and Lehoux Art:

My passion is creating graphic artwork similar to a block print style that is loosely inspired by the vintage “See America” posters of the National Parks. Being a native Mainer (8th generation to grow up in Cape Neddick), I consider myself lucky to have such strong roots in such a special place, and enjoy creating artwork that reflects the beauty of my surroundings. My favorite subjects are birds and lighthouses and my art is largely based on hiking and birding adventures as well as road trips throughout Maine and NH.

As a graphic artist, I use a stylus as my “paintbrush” and my computer screen as my “canvas”. Before I officially launched my business in 2015, my artwork mostly served as a sort of artistic travel/adventure journal for myself. As I created more, my vision shifted to include wanting to provide others with the ability to purchase a unique token of a favorite trip or memory in the form of art prints, magnets, note cards, coasters, trivets, stickers, and more.

Stay tuned for more meet the maker posts throughout the month!

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