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About Danielle Lehoux


Danielle (Losier) Lehoux was born and raised in Cape Neddick, Maine and holds a BA in Visual Art. Her passion is creating digital artwork inspire by a block print style.

Danielle's graphic artwork does not use standardized filters - she paints everything by hand using a mouse. She begins her process by taking multiple photos of the subject. She then uses these photos as a reference and begins to create each piece, layer by layer until the final result is achieved. Her work typically includes anywhere from 100-250 layers of flat shapes of color that are built one on top of the other. For instance, clouds may be created using 4-8 different layers. The process is akin to drawing shapes on several pieces of glass, then stacking that glass so all the shapes appear as one image when looking at it from above. This is very labor intensive! These prints usually take her more than 200 hours to complete from start to finish.

Danielle prints and mats all artwork in-house using heavyweight archival luster paper and a high quality inkjet printer.

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